Project Description

About the Site
The site will help single mothers in Nigeria share ideas on how to raise children, as single mothers, within the context of the socio-economic straits of the country and the cultural challenges of single motherhood. Users join this network and get connected to other single mothers in the country who are happy to share their experiences with those who are on the same journey. By joining this community, users share and receive support. The site grows by having users create contents and curate contents which others have created. Contents are specific to issues pertaining to single mothers in Nigeria. By targeting a specific set of users (single mothers) in a specific geographical region (Nigeria), this site will provide users a community-based platform to share and receive support on how to address common socio-economic and cultural challenges of single motherhood.

What Users Can Do
  • Post a profile of themselves / tell their stories
  • Find other single mothers in their towns/cities
  • Share ideas on how to cope with work and single parenting
  • Find support on how to deal with the cultural challenge of (and discrimination against) single mothers
  • Share ideas on how to cope with the challenges of single parenting
  • Start a discussion
  • Post photos (mothers, children)
  • Blog
  • Post questions / seek help on any matter of single parenting
  • Find employers in their states or cities who provide support to single mothers
  • Share with others self-employment opportunities for single mothers

Possible Menu items for the site
  • Join Us
  • Blog It
  • Forum
  • Mothering
  • Jobs
  • Resources

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